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Here Are The Obstacles That Thriving Female Entrepreneurs Had To Overcome

Some of the most prosperous famous women here! in America include Oprah Winfrey, Marian Ilitch and Elaine Wynn. Not forgetting there many women in America that have established empires but are not in the public eye. Well-known or not, the ladies have one thing in common. They are now successful female entrepreneurs who did not have a rosy journey in their quest for success. Many successful women have had to subdue a variety of obstacles to be where they are today. Have a look at this website a few of the barriers that successful women had to beat.

Controlled access to funds. Between the year 2011 and 2013, 97% of read more business capital funding was given to male-led businesses. A majority of women made loan applications from commercial banks as well as other lending institutions however, they were turned down. Their applications were rejected since they are women. Undoubtedly, America’s public and private sectors have more males compared to females. In the face of restricted access to capital, most dreams of women entrepreneurs go down the drain. The women that continue to press on must resort to other fundraising approaches like secured bank loans.

Having a work-life balance. While you might think that the belief that women should remain in the house would have been buried by now,it continues to be a problem in the modern age. Congratulations to all women entrepreneurs that bent the societal traditions and built their businesses when the belief was common. Creating a balance between business and family is difficult moreover when you are a woman. You should spare time for your family moreover if you have young children while giving your young business the attention it requires. In as much as the workplace culture continues to change to ensure that women are more flexible, the this world remains a tough place for female entrepreneurs.

Limited opportunities to connect. These days when you attend any business event, you are going to find numerous women present. This has not always been the case. A while back, the business industry was predominantly male. You were fortunate to find more info. a few women in an industry seminar. What that indicates is that females that tried to create their empires with the past had limited access to networking possibilities. We are not saying that the ladies could not network with their male colleagues however, it is difficult to gain the courage required to network in an event that has a high male population. You tend to feel out of place. Success is not handed to you on a silver platter but a majority of today’s prosperous women entrepreneurs, they had to overcome certain barriers for them to be successful.